Frozen sperm just as effective as fresh for insemination treatments

Patients having intrauterine insemination for fertility treatment can be reassured that the use of cryopreserved sperm instead of fresh is not associated with inferior outcomes. The largest study of its kind, whose results are presented today at the 38th annual meeting of ESHRE, found no difference in pregnancy rates between cycles using cryopreserved or fresh sperm samples. The results of the study, pr

@medicalXpress how come #cryo works for sperm cells, but doesn't for others, which makes cryogenic conservation of humans impossible? IIRC freezing cells makes the water expand, leading to the cell walls breaking.

Also related, how long can sperm cells be preserved this way? Indefinitely? Could we inseminate an egg 1k, 10k, 1M years down the line?

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@loveisgrief @medicalXpress I am not an expert in the topic, but have asked the same question once about 10 years ago.
What I remember is, that for some species, you can freeze a zygote, but you can't freeze it for others due to some very minor difference.

For any biological matter, the time limit for cryo is based on nuclear decay. We all have unstable elements in us which decay independent of temperature, and the radiation damage will build up when the cell is frozen.

@loveisgrief @medicalXpress I might be totally wrong though on the first question, the second one, well, there is no hard data that I know of to either confirm or disprove the hypothesis.

@nicemicro @medicalXpress interesting, I wasn't aware of the nuclear decay but it makes sense since we do use carbon dating to find the age of things.

Don't know if there are #microbiology experts on the fediverse

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